About us

Studio vida is led by Yossi Orenshtein, B.Design (Int), a lecturer in the field and expert in creating an impressive visual language on various digital platforms. With over two decades of experience with managing complex technological projects for organizations and companies, Yossi knows how to create a powerful media presence. Our experience in design and rendering enables our clients to enjoy designs beyond all imagination.

The Studio was founded in 2013 as an incubator for planning 3-D renderings and animations, but it rapidly grew and now offers a full array of digital solutions corresponding with the new age. The Studio fits each client with a unique and tailored digital asset, applying work methods that lead to amazing results.

The Studio consists of a young and dynamic team of talented designers that learns as the project progresses and is attentive to market demands and unique client needs. The team is made up of 3-D artists, graphic designers, video editors, campaign managers and sharp creative managers. It creates a dedicated and creative marketing strategy tailored to each customer, creating a perfect fit for its business and operations.

The studio is a leader in photo realistic production, development and digital asset design. As part of the development process, the Studio team focuses on professionally specifying and creating a powerful graphic language that presents the project in a desirable manner. In addition, the Studio team produces creative corporate clips and devises a marketing mix for promoting the business on the web. The team offers individual and courteous service to all clients, corresponding with the Studio’s values. The aim is to take each client by the hand to create a product that perfectly fits its unique business aspirations, vision and desires.

Studio Vida has a clear agenda of innovation, innovation and more innovation. Integrating innovation in every project enables every business to present a prestigious, sales oriented and desirable image in the hot media arena. The Studio team monitors changes and trends in 3-D, digital and design, and participates in lectures and seminars on various media applications.

We offer a wide variety of services, such as:

Furniture visualization

Virtual reality tour

Product 3d rendering


360° Virtual tour

2d & 3d sales plans

Architectural visualization

Yossi Orenshtein, B.Design (INT) and Architectural Photography from the College of Management Academic Studies, founded the studio in 2010. We use the most advanced tools and techniques available on the market, placing an emphasis on each and every detail in order to create the perfect project for you.

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