Product Renderings

Product Renderings

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If there’s something that everyone shares, it’s that everyone wants to know exactly what their buying or what they will get for their money. If you’re looking to create a product rendering, you’ve definitely come to the right place.

Thanks to advanced and innovative technologies, we can no provide our client the full picture for their product, even if it was not yet manufactured. Ideas and sketches can now be made accessible, providing customers with a full understanding of the product they will be getting or buying.
Without a doubt, product rendering is an excellent and advantageous method for presenting product uniqueness. Providing a clip is perfect, enabling customers to see the product properly. Indeed, product renderings might not always replace frontal sales or presentations, but they will help accurately convey the important messages, leaving no room for questions. After that, you’ll be able relax, knowing that your customer understands the project.

What are product renderings?

Product renderings are computerized simulations used for feasibility testing, evaluating the market relevant to the product or presenting its potential toward onboarding investors. The advantage in product renderings is their ability to examine all sides and content of the product as if it actually exists. The clips can even show the proportions, the material and how the product is used.
In the past, people who wanted to pitch an idea or product, had to contact a model, painter or sculptor, describe the idea and hope for something that resembles the concept. Today, however, renderings are created with dedicated and advanced modeling and 3D rendering software. What’s unique to these programs is that they enable uncompromising precision and comprehensive detail and, as such, the final product completely corresponds with the product.

Advantages of Product Rendering

Product renderings, including furniture renderings, are currently considered a relatively inexpensive and highly efficient method for displaying products and furniture, where Ethe alternative is redesigning a room or apartment and conducting a complicated photo shoot.

Who uses product rendering?

The multiple advantages of product rendering with advanced software have led professionals in many fields, such as manufacturers, designers, startup companies and executing architects to use product rendering tools to examine product feasibility or to present it to the client – it is currently a very popular tool.


Describing the Process

In practice, product renderings can be conducted as early as the concept stage, when the idea has not yet developed into an actual product. All you need for the rendering is  compilation of the relevant material on which the rendering will be based. You can create an advanced rendering for all kinds of products, even furniture and intricate objects – all thanks to highly innovative technologies.

Work Stages

To begin with, the customers provide us with all of the materials and plans in their possession in order to create the renderings – sketches, photos, blueprints, manuals and more. Later, an animation studio uses dedicated software to create the required product rendering.
The next stage, after customer approval, changes and corrections, is creating the final and complete rendering clip. The customers are always actively involved in the various decision making processes, where all priorities are reflected in the rendering.

In closing, we at Studio Vida know how to create product models and renderings for almost any material, where all we need is a sketch and specification of the finishing materials in order to create a realistic product rendering with no need for producing or constructing it. For further details, we highly recommend that you contact us.

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