2d and 3d Floor Plans

2d and 3d Floor Plans

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About Floor Plans and their Representation

As stated earlier, sales plan are actually a scale representation of the architectural plan. The plans can be presented in various methods, each enabling you to highlight a different advantage.

  • 2d floor plan – This plan will display the apartment in the most organized manner. The great advantage of this plan is how it corresponds with the architectural plans and fits the scale of the original sketch. A 2-D sales plan can work great on any printed medium.
  • 3d floor plan – This plan will display the structure in the clearest and most interesting manner. The great advantage is that it enables everyone, even those who do not specialize in architectural blueprints, simply and easily understand how the structure is divided and its various spaces.

It is important to note that these plans must precisely correspond with the final outcome provided by the executing contractor.There is no doubt that Studio Vida’s work is characterized by full attention to the finest details. As such, our company always creates the most accurate and best sales plans and computerized renderings. The Studio places an emphasis on uncompromising quality work, made possible by our professional and skilled team, as well as the advanced work tools and techniques that we use. Contact the Studio today and we’ll be happy to answer your questions.


Sales plans are a significant and integral part of presenting a new residential project to a potential customer. The sales plans must be prepared by professionals who are fully familiar with the world of architecture and who specializing in creating quality and precise renderings and sales plans. Studio Vida invites you to contact us today and guarantee yourselves and your customers the most accurate and impressive rendering of the property that you created or will be creating in the future.


Sales plans – Things you should know

Whether you’ve been involved in real estate for a while or whether you haven’t yet death with sales plan, it is best that you go over the following important points to discover a few important highlights:

  • The architectural plans are sent by mail and used to create a perfectly tailored graphic design for each of the fine details, including the wall, window and door layout.
  • At this point, the furniture and other items are added to the sales plan.
  • The sales plans are available on 2D or 3D, according to your preferences.
  • The 3D plan enables you to see all parts of the structure, even if you or your customers do not understand architectural blueprints.
  • The 2D plan presents the sales plan in a precise manner and true to scale. Items that may be relevant for a potential buyer.

Essential to marketing construction projects

There is no doubt that sales plans are an important and essential visual tool when marketing various construction projects. Studio Vida will be happy to help you create the 2D or 3D depiction you want.

Our professional and dynamic team will be happy to help you and provide you with the best answer to any question that may arise. The Studio will provide you with colorful and quality sales plans while precisely meeting your needs.

Studio services include, inter alia, computerized renderings that may also support the effective marketing of a future property.

Sales plans are among the most important stages when presenting a project to the customer. This is where the salesperson presents the potential customer with a realistic model, whether of an apartment or house. All before the customer purchases the property. That is why the sales plan must be performed professionally, in 2D or 3D. For professional support, contact Studio Vida. Alongside this service, the Studio team offers additional services, such as product renderings, virtual 360° tours of the space, animation and marketing films, VR and more.


Sales plan preparation – Translating the plan into the professional result

Here it is, one of the most significant moments for any young couple or family: Locating the suitable property and accompanying the project throughout its construction. However, before you actually buy it, you should take a look at the sales plan. When talking about 2D or 3D sales plans, we relate to a precise and realistic model that clearly reflects the property that the customer intends to buy.

For the most accurate rendering, contact Studio Vida. The Studio team specializes in this service. Our experienced team will dedicate their full attention to each stage of the process. All in order to meet our customers’ expectations, ranging from receiving the architectural plans to translating them into graphic design – we offer the most impressive result.



For a professional sales plan, feel free to contact Studio Vida. The Studio was founded in 2010 by Yossi Orenshtein, B.Design (INT) from the College of Management Academic Studies. The Studio team also uses state of the art tools and techniques.




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